WAT R U DOIN Studying the Thumb Generation Using Text Messaging

Authors: Eszter Hargittai and Chris Karr

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Citation: Hargittai, E. & Karr, C. (2009). WAT R U DOIN Studying the Thumb Generation Using Text Messaging. In Research Confidential. Edited by E. Hargittai. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press. 192-216.


  • Introduction
  • Long-Distance Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Time Line
  • Initial Plan of Action
  • Setting up the System for Sending and Receiving Messages
    • Evaluation Existing Systems for Data Collection through Text Messaging
    • Creating Our Own System
  • Developing and Refining the Coding Scheme
  • Building and Fine-Tuning the Coding Interface
  • Data Collection
    • Getting IRB Approval
    • Sampling
    • Compensation
    • Integrating Participant Information
    • Reminders to Participants
    • Going Live
    • Data Processing
  • Lessons Learned


The authors thank Viktor Domazet, Alex Knell, and the members of the Web Use Project research team of 2006-7 for their helpful input. They also acknowledge the assistance of Elizabeth Anderson, Waleeta Canon, and Gina Walejko. The authors are grateful to the National Science Foundation (IIS0712874), the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the Northwestern University School of Communication for their support. Hargittai also thanks the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences and the Lenore Annenberg and Wallis Annenberg Fellowship in Communication for time to work on this project.

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